Failure Has Its Benefits

I’m so glad that you are here.

That means you fell down and got back up. You failed the CPP Exam but you are bound and determined to pass it no matter what.

If you want to really be motivated, then check out this motivation 30 second video about Michael Jordan

Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before he discovered electricity?

photo credit: Pixomar

I’m sure glad he kept trying. Aren’t you? You can pass this exam. It is just an exam and I believe in you. These are some ideas that might help….

#1 – Find a Study Group – I know how lonely it can be studying for this exam. Lugging around a 400 page book and reading chapter after chapter alone in a coffee shop is not my idea of fun. Join a group, meet some new people, or sign-up for a local lighting workshop. I joined a study group and the people were awesome. I am still in contact with them today and I consider them friends. A study group will make you accountable and push you to study for the exam. Heck – start a group and call it the “Never Give Up Club”. Be proud and push forward.

#2 – Believe in Yourself – Listen to your heart and truly believe that you can pass this exam. When I was studying for my exam, I avoided people that said phrases like, “You cannot pass this exam” or “Why even try?”. Spend time with people who care about you and support you in your new endeavors and journeys in life. Anyone who shuns someone else for wanting to learn something new has trouble in their own heart. I believe in you. I will be waiting for your e-mail to say that you passed the exam. Seriously…..I will be next to my computer with confetti in hand.

When you pass the exam, please post a comment here that says, “I PASSED THE CPP EXAM!”. We will silently cheer for you by our computers and iPads.