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1.      What is the biggest risk you have ever taken with your photography business?

To me, the biggest risk was just starting…. At the time I wasn’t sure how starting a wedding photography business would work out.  I first invested $2000 in equipment and my hope was that I would break even.  Fast forward three years and I have invested over $20,000 and am turning a
profit.  So, my risk worked out!

But in the beginning, it is scary!  It’s scary putting yourself out there.  But it’s also exhilarating.  There is something so freeing about leaving behind a desk job and starting your own creative business.

I came from the business world- not the photography world.  I always loved being creative, but I got my degree in Math and starting working in the business/technology sector. But I wouldn’t trade my time in business and technology for more time in front of the camera early on.  Having that background has enable me to treat my business like a business- which I think is very important!  And also taught me to not take my new career for granted.
I am so lucky to be doing what I love every single day and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

2. What piece of equipment could you not live without?

85 mm 1.2 lens- This is my go-to lens for portraits.  I love what it does to skin tones- they are so creamy and smooth.

3. What do you wish you’d known when you were just starting
your photography business?

There really isn’t anything I would have changed or wish I had known when I first started.  I think the best part is the journey and learning from your mistakes.  Every little struggle I had getting my business off the ground made me a stronger person and a better business owner.  Every photo shoot and wedding along the way made me a better photographer.  I struggled through making/designing my website on my own (and my husband can attest to that!).  I went through about 10 iterations on my logo.  And there were the long the days of figuring out accounting and financials for tax purposes.  I practiced, practice, and practiced some more when it came to photography.  I read a lot of books on the technical side of photography and worked for other photographers whom I admired to pick up little bits of wisdom.

Starting my photography business really has been an adventure and I truly loved every moment.

I wouldn’t change a thing!

 3. What is your favorite dessert?

Double-stuffed Oreos dipped in milk is my guilty pleasure!

Laura Murray is a portrait and boutique wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado. She approaches photography with two philosophies. One is to be photojournalistic.   She captures those unexpected moments. A quiet glance. A secret kiss. A boisterous laugh. It’s finding those details and intimate moments to tell your story. You can learn more about Laura and her beautiful work on her website and blog: Laura Murray Photography.


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